Healthy Living Starts With Your Diet

Good nutrition is a crucial aspect of healthy living! Definition’s Registered Dietitian is available for counseling for both gym members, corporate clients, and the general public. These services include one-on-one nutrition counseling sessions as well as guidance and advice on a wide variety of nutrition-related topics, including the management of chronic illnesses, allergies and intolerances, weight, and fatigue; as well as cooking skills, recipe selection, and more!

Why A Registered Dietitian

Separate Fact From Fiction

The profession of Dietitics is the only regulated nutrition profession in Newfoundland and Labrador. Only members of the Newfoundland and Labarador College of Dietitians can call themselves Registered Dietitians. RD’s are food and nutrition experts who hold a 4-year university degree in food and nutrition. They are health care professionals who have earned a Bachelor’s degree specializing in food and nutrition and have completed supervised practical training through a university program or an approved hospital or community settings

For more information, please visit the Newfoundland and Labrador College of Dietitians website.


The emerging field of Nutrigenomics is the study of how foods affect our genes and how individual genetic variations can affect how we respond to nutrients in the foods we eat, both of which may impact the risk of developing nutrition-related chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, and certain cancers. Genetic testing allows Definitions to provide you with evidence based nutrition advice that extends far beyond the basics by allowing for specific advice tailored to your needs based on your lifestyle and genetic makeup.

While the field of nutrigenomics is relatively new, the panel of genetic tests is based on peer review studies published in top scientific and medical journals. Each genetic test has been validated by experts in the field.

Frequently Asked Questions

The test kit assesses genes associated with how you respond to seven specific dietary components: vitamin C, folate, whole grains, omega-3 fats, saturated fat, sodium, and caffeine. A separate test, called NGx-Gluten, indicates your risk of gluten intolerance. The collection process is simple and non invasive.

The testing process involves the follow:

  • Initial nutrition assessment with a Definitions Registered Dietitian to determine your current eating habits as well as any nutrition or health goals you may have
  • Saliva sample collection (during the initial assessment).
  • Saliva sample is delivered to our lab for analysis.
  • Second nutrition assessment is booked to discuss personalized nutrition advice based on the test findings.
  • Follow-up nutrition assessment as needed to discuss your progress and offer additional advice and support.

Once our laboratory receives your saliva sample from your healthcare professional it should take approximately 2-4 weeks for the analysis and recommendations to be sent to your healthcare professional. Your healthcare professional will contact you as soon as they receive the results and set up a time to discuss them with you.

Check with your insurance provider. Some providers may cover the cost of a consultation with a healthcare professional, or provide a healthcare spending account that may cover the cost of the test kit as well.

Armed with information that is specific to your genetic profile, your healthcare professional will be able to develop the best dietary plan to help you meet your goals of improved health and wellness. Adhering to those recommendations will enable you to optimize your nutritional status and specifically focus on preventing nutrition-related chronic diseases.

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