Kinesiology Services

Definitions team of kinesiologists work closely with our physical therapist to develop a rehabilitation exercise plan to prevent against further injury and strengthen areas weakened as a result of the recovery process. Our team of expert kinesiologists provide exercise training including stretching, postural assessment and strengthening, corrective exercise techniques and progression in a safe manner.

For those who are suffering from chronic or acute injury, Definitions has developed a structured process related to rehabilitating the worker and transitioning them back into the workforce.

The program includes:

  •  Assessment by Certified Physical Therapist
  •  Treatment plan created using a variety of options included but not limited to:
    • Myofascial release
    • PNF stretching
    • Biomechanical corrections
    • Functional movement screening
    • Corrective exercise techniques
    • Both acute and chronic injuries can be addressed
  • Report developed in detail to employer of results and treatment plan
  • Report to be updated every week or shorter as determined by contract supervisor and Definitions Health and Wellness
  • Referral to General Practitioners as needed

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