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St. John’s

Defining healthy living in St. John's

Definitions training facility is a private personal training studio focusing on client results, health improvement and unparalleled service. With a group of St. John’s most experienced and highly trained fitness professionals coupled with Definitions’ “Perfect Session” and personalized plan design, our clients are guaranteed an enjoyable and effective experience in a comfortable and inviting environment. Definitions trusts in its service offerings and does not require its clients to sign up for expensive training packages but allows them to purchase sessions as needed, while providing the ability to book sessions around their schedule. Designed to address your busy lifestyle, individuality and specific concerns, Definitions is eager to help you achieve your goals and set them higher.


Membership = $100/month or $60/month for 1 year membership

Session rates

  • Members $60
  • Non-Members $75
  • Doubles Training $75
  • Doubles Training Non-Members $85

*all members receive a fitness assessment, nutrition plan and fitness program design including a Definitions 7 Habits Lifestyle Plan for the cost of $40 upon joining Definitions as a member.

  • Outreach plan $250

(evaluation, customized 7 Habits Plan, program design and explanation, nutrition plan and re-evaluation for clients wishing to get a program to take home or to another facility)

Definitions offers the best service, support and planning as well as the lowest rates in St. John’s for personal training and assessment.