The Value of Workstation Ergonomics

Minimize the risk of injury and maximize productivity.

Flexible Ergonomic Assessments

Definitions workstation ergonomic assessments deliver the services and resources required to safeguard workers from injury. Similar to our occupational solutions, we protect the organization from undue costs by taking care of the worker’s needs without committing the clients to unnecessary expenditure.

Definitions workstation ergonomics provide value through:

  • Our systematic and reproducible approach
  • Consistent services and results
  • Automatically generated detailed reports
  • Utilization of current equipment where possible to provide better workstation setup
  • Development of customized company materials
  • Tiered approach to ergonomic programs through assessments, internal staff training, and education materials

Levels of Workstation Ergonomics:

Administered by one of our experienced kinesiologists, ergonomic checks consist of a onetime visit where the specialist spends 10-15 minutes on every workstation to adjust as required. With this service there is no report included.

Completed by a trained kinesiologist, ergonomic assessments consist of standard adjustments and reports for everyday workstations.

Our Occupational Therapists (OTs) are a specialised resource and can be deployed when needed. OTs are available to conduct a detailed analysis of employee workstations. Following the analysis a report is developed in conjunction with the required educational materials.

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