Corporate Wellness

Wellness programs save
1.5 to 1.7 days
absenteeism per worker per

Employee Health Is Organizational Wealth

Workforce’s well-being is a strong indicator of future retention, productivity and health outcomes and can serve as a meaningful business performance metric. Our wellness services will provide your employees with all the tools needed to optimize and improve their health.

Definitions has developed a proprietary formula for calculating cost savings associated with improvements in worker health resulting from Definitions’ wellness program. This return on investment (ROI) calculation was peer reviewed and published at the Offshore Technology Conference in Houston, TX in 2009.

    • ‘High risk’ workers are significantly prone to accidents, injuries and illness
    • ‘High risk’ employees cost over 5 times more than ‘low risk’ employees
    • 60% of workers in North America are considered ‘high risk’ as categorized by waist circumference
    • Indirect costs such as medical premiums, recruitment and retraining need to be accurately assessed as well.

For our clients with health spending accounts we offer a variety of services. Click the button to view our interactive brochure!


  • Ergonomic Assessments

    Implementing proper ergonomic solutions will allow for good posture and a more efficient workstation. Otherwise, poorly designed workstations can lead to frustrated and fatigued workers who will have an increased risk of chronic injuries. By reducing ergonomic risk factors you can prevent these costly injuries and improve your corporate culture around safety.

  • Dietitian Assessments

    Our registered dietitians will provide a custom meal plan for optimal performance while fielding any questions the employee may have about nutrition. As part of the one-on-one consultation workers will receive educational materials and a nutrition plan assigned to their dashboard on Definitions Online.

  • Kinesiologist Assessments

    Definitions provides workers with the opportunity to test their fitness level through a series of simple validated fitness tests. These tests provide workers with insights into their general and specific fitness levels with respect to age and gender matched norms.

  • Foam Rolling

    Definitions is pleased to offer on-site customized foam rolling services. Our kinesiologist will visit your office, discuss your goals, and create the optimal foam rolling plan for your employees. We will provide all the needed equipment and have flexible scheduling to fit with your employee’s schedules. This excellent service helps your employees relax and rejuvenate.

  • Bio Metric Screening

    A simple test can provide your employees with the information to make a positive lifestyle change. The Biometric Screening is a short health exam that provides information about risk factors for certain diseases and medical conditions. Metabolic syndrome, heart disease, diabetes are all relevant health risks for today’s society.

  • Fit-To-Work Assessments

    Ensure you are hiring the best people for the job with our fitness-to-work assessments. Not only will you identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job, fitness-to-work assessments can lead to additional company benefits, such as saving time and cost in the selection process, decreasing turnover, and even improving morale.

  • Job Demand Analysis

    JDA’s can be performed for a variety of occupations from those that are highly physical to others which require fine dexterity or sedentary postures. Definitions has performed job demands analysis for heavy industry including on and offshore oil and gas, construction, skilled trades and corporate office locations.

  • Education Seminars

    Definitions education seminars are 1 hour workshops that will educate your employees on healthy living. With over 10 years’ experience on a wide variety of topics, our seminars will provide your employees with the knowledge to optimize and kick start a healthy lifestyle.

  • Wellness Contests

    Workplace wellness contests are a great way to engage your employees to become healthier at work and improve the company’s bottom line. Friendly competition can spur your wellness initiatives which is not only good for the worker but reduce absenteeism, health care, and workers’ compensation costs significantly.

  • Remote Health Services

    A leader in the remote wellness industry, Definitions provides the tools to promote a culture of health. Our  workers have extensive training and experience in remote locations and provide a customized and validated approach to wellness.

Reporting and Feedback

Definitions Health and Wellness has a quality management system that follows the ISO 9001:2008 standard. The system uses policies, standard operating procedures and forms to ensure consistent service delivery. The system starts at the proposal stage and follows through to the service delivery. Definitions uses customer satisfaction surveys to close the loop on service delivery. These surveys also form key performance indicators by which Definitions measures its success. We survey key stakeholders on each installation on which we work and also the employees we work with.

What people who have worked with us have to say

Very positive feedback on Definitions from the crew. Their message hit home and many of the crewmembers are showing a keen interested. Definitions staff was courteous, helpful and professional.

“The commitment shown to establish crew relationships, build healthy attitudes and the efforts made to assist those looking for guidance is commendable.”

“Excellence and genuine service. Specialized knowledge second to none in the industry. Very happy to see the company embrace this excellent program!”

“The crew onboard is motivated with the Definitions program. Definitions continues to find unique ways to increase the involvement of the crew in physical activity”

Our Clients