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Latest News

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4 days ago


March is Nutrition Month!

Celebrate at your workplace and share the message of healthy eating with a Lunch-and-Learn presentation from a Definitions Registered Dietitian!

Presentation Topics Include:
• Healthy Eating 101
• The New Canada’s Food Guide – What You Need to Know
• Nutrition and Gut Health
• Stress and Eating
• The Truth About Sugar
• Nutrition Myths, Fads, Trends, and Hot Topics
• Nutrition for Healthy Ageing
• Nutrition for Brain Health
• Meal Planning and Preparation Tips
• Meal Prep and Freezer Friendly Meals – 4 Week Menu
• Healthy Eating on the Run
• Tips for Picky Eaters
• Weight Loss – The Latest Science
• Overcoming Obstacles to Health
• How to Set Effective Health Goals
• …and much more!

We can also visit your office for one-on-one nutrition consults!

Keep in mind that we also offer presentations on a variety of other wellness topics, including fitness, mental health, safety, and ergonomics.

To find out more information, or to book a service, please contact Andrea at or call our office at 709-576-3339.
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2 weeks ago


Did you know?

Regular physical activity and balanced nutrition can enhance your overall well-being!

✔️ Reduces stress
✔️ Improves sleep
✔️ Increases energy
✔️ Positive impact on mental health (improves mood, higher self-esteem)
✔️ Improves physical health (increases strength, reduces chance of injury and disease)

Book with us today and experience the benefits of a healthy lifestyle!

#physicalactivity #exercise #nutrition #healthy #wellbeing #wellness #mentalhealth #physicalhealth
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3 weeks ago


Kinesiologists are experts of human movement, performance, and function. 🤓

#Kinesiologists differ from a typical gym personal trainer; Kinesiologists are required to be University-educated and are certified to safely offer a wide range of health care services to healthy and clinical populations. They can work with you to enhance your overall health and well-being, to prevent, rehabilitate, and manage injury and illness, and to improve your ability in your sport, recreational activities, daily life, work, and exercise goals. 🚴‍♀️🏋️‍♀️👨‍🏫

✔️ #Prevention: Prescribed physical activity plays a role in the prevention of falls and injury, as well as chronic conditions such as diabetes, cardiac disease, and some cancers.

✔️ #Assessment: These include musculoskeletal, cardiovascular, strength and endurance, functional capacity, ergonomic health, physical demands, range of motion, gait evaluations, and more.

✔️ #Rehabilitation: Kinesiologists can build a treatment program to suit your needs and help to regain your optimal physical function with regards to your physical activity, home life, and work environment.

✔️ #Management: Kinesiologists as a part of your health care team can help you to safely manage a disorder or chronic condition, with a physical activity program plan that alleviates symptoms and is in line with your goals.

✔️ #Maintenance: An important aspect of wellness, a Kinesiologist provides support to maintain your level of functional movement and performance. 💪

#kinesiology #health #healthcare #wellness #wellbeing #exercise #physicalactivity #functionalmovement #ability
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