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Latest News

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#WellnessWednesday #Water

Did you know the human body can survive for weeks without food, but only days without water. Studies have also shown that increased water intake supports improvements in cognitive functions such as attention and memory. For more information on the benefits of staying hydrated take a quick read through this months Definitions Health and Wellness Newsletter posted below!

To receive more information on our monthly newsletters you can visit our website at www.definitionsonline.com, email us at info@definitionsonline.com or call 709-576-3339
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#TherapyThursday #McKenzieMethod #Physio

Are you experiencing short-term or chronic wrist pain? If so, this weeks Therapy Thursday exercise will be helpful for you! Watch this video below for the directions on how to perform the exercise properly.


Definitions is home to the only McKenzie Certified Physiotherapist in the province; Nancy Hicks, if you would like to book an assessment with Nancy or receive more information on the McKenzie Method please visit our website at www.definitionsonline.com , email us at clinic@definitionsonline.com or call 709-576-3339
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#TherapyThursday #Hiking #YYT

So last week we focused on stretches to prepare ourselves to properly enjoy all the lovely hiking trails that Newfoundland and Labrador has to offer; this weeks post highlights some simple stretches you can do after your hike to prevent muscle soreness the next day.

Quad Stretch (Picture 1)
-Stand in front of an object and hold it with one hand (for balance if needed)
-Grab the top of one ankle with the hand opposite from the leg and pull your foot towards your buttock until your feel a gentle stretch in front of the thigh
-Hold the stretch, keeping your lower back neutral

Hamstring Stretch (Picture 2)
-Stand up straight
-Place right heel on ground and straighten your knee all the way
-Push through the thigh to increase force
-Relax and repeat

To see other Therapy Thursday posts you can check out out Facebook Page or for more information on our Physio clinic and other helpful stretches you can check our our website at www.definitionsonline.com or email us at clinic@definitionsonline.com
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#TherapyThursday #Hiking #FunInTheSun #YYT

If you are planning on exploring Newfoundland and Labradors beautiful hiking trails this summer then you need to make sure your body is well prepared by doing some pre-hiking stretches to help decrease the risk of injury.

Below are two examples of simple pre-hiking stretches recommended by our McKenzie certified physiotherapist Nancy Hicks

1) Forward Lunge

Stand with both feet hip width apart.
Lunge forward, making sure you land with the heel and that your knee stays at 90 degrees or over your heel.
Move straight down, creating a 90 degree angle at both knees and at the hip.
Push through the heel and return to the standing position.
*Repeat with the other leg*
Return to the start position each time.

2) High Kicks

Face forward.
Keep leg straight and raise it as far in front of you as possible.
Release the leg back to the ground.
Repeat with other leg.

For more information on our physiotherapy clinic or additional recommendations you can visit our website www.definitionsonline.com or email clinic@definitionsonline.com
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