Physician Guided

This medically supervised program involves consults with a medical doctor, mental health counsellor, registered dietitian, and certified kinesiologist to develop personalized goals and recommendations to help you achieve optimal health and wellness. The program focuses on healthy eating, regular exercise, and behaviour modification skills that support and guide individuals toward a healthy lifestyle.

Clients who enrolled in our weight wellness program have seen an average weight loss of 22.5lbs over a 12 week period

Who Is It For?

The Weight Wellness Program is designed for anyone who needs guidance in achieving and/or maintaining a healthy weight. For some individuals this may mean weight loss, while for others it may mean weight gain or the prevention of future weight loss or weight gain. This program is also beneficial for individuals simply looking for help keeping on track with healthy lifestyle behaviours who do not have any specific weight goals, as well as those who need help managing certain health concerns.

Comprehensive, Team-Based Approach

  • Physician

    The first step of this program is an evaluation with a physician.  During this visit, our physician will review your medical history to ensure the program is right for you.  At this time the doctor will also review your blood test results and address any questions you may have regarding the program.  Once you have received medical clearance to enrol in the program, you will meet with our multidisciplinary team.

  • Mental Health Coach

    When it comes to weight management and healthy living, many individuals know to focus on eating right and exercising more. However, a major aspect of weight control involves understanding and managing thoughts and behaviors that can interfere with managing your weight as well as your overall health.  Meeting with a mental health coach helps to address these important factors and is one of the aspects that sets this program apart from other weight management services. Our mental health coach will provide individuals with a plan to help overcome any obstacles they may face along their journey to a healthier lifestyle.

  • Registered Dietitian

    Food and nutrition plays a vital role in weight management and optimizing health.  Our registered dietitian will work with you to develop a meal plan that you can enjoy while also supporting your health goals.  There are no drastic fad diets involved; instead, we focus on long-term healthy eating behaviours that will suit your unique lifestyle.  Regular follow-up meetings throughout the duration of the program will help you to keep on track and overcome any obstacles that may arise.

  • Kinesiologist

    Regular exercise is a key component of weight maintenance and overall fitness.  Our kinesiologists will work with you to develop an exercise plan that suits your health goals as well as skill level.  Regular follow-up meetings throughout the duration of the program will help you to keep on track and progress as you build your fitness level. For individuals with injuries, the initial evaluation will be conducted by one of Definitions physiotherapists.

  • Medical clearance by physician + blood work
  • Initial assessment by:
    • Mental Health Professional – discuss potential issues related to eating behavior and develop a plan.
    • Dietitian – discuss current diet and develop specific and personalized recommendations.
    • Kinesiologist – complete a full fitness evaluation, discuss current physical activity level, and develop an exercise program that fits your lifestyle.
  • Follow-up session with dietitian to review nutrition care plan
  • Follow up session/workout demo with kinesiologist

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